For five years Houston Lifestyles and Homes Magazine has published a series of my photo essays dealing with Houston's past. They have shown through their actions that they are concerned about the preservation of our local history. So much that the publishers, Ft Bend Publishing Group,  have extended the history segment to several of their publications. They are my partners in historic preservation and deserve multitudes of thanks for their efforts. I use vintage and historic photographs of Houston and East Texas to illustrate short stories that I hope entertain and inform. 

 The gallery below feature's issues published in the year 2005

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*** Jan 05 - Riverside Drug store, Anita Pharmacy, Rouse Drug store, Madings Drug store, Courthouse Pharmacy, Richmond Pharmacy *** Feb 05 - Allen's Landing snow, City Hall snow, San Jacinto snow, Houston skyline snow *** March - American Laundry, Burkharts Laundry, Artistic Dying and Laundry, Houstonian Cleaners *** April - San Jacinto Monument, Albert Finn, San Jacinto Monument model, Sam Houston Statue, Bellows Construction *** May 05 - Bleriot Monoplane, Charles Hamilton pilot, Moisant International Aviators, John Winters photographer *** June 05 - Hallie Pritchard School dancing, Galveston Beach hot dog cookout, Lilliputian Golf course, Chevy Chase Riding Academy, Camp Sterling, Black Family cook out *** July - The Ice Man, New Ice Box, Ice Campaign signs, Horlock Ice Company, Home Ice Company, Block of Ice on car bumper  *** August - Tom Mix Cord auto, Bonner Motor Company Ford, Ford Motor Company Houston Plant, Packard Showroom, 1930 Nash Auto Air Conditioner, Rice Hotel Ford Display *** Oct 05 - Lane Family Dairy, Sanitary Farms Dairy, Phenix Dairy Sign, Spears Dairy, Milk Home Delivery *** Nov 05 - Lowes State Theater Marquee, Bender Hotel, San Jacinto Trust Door, Sam Houston Coliseum, Milby Hotel, Peyton's / Munn's / Nathan's Stores *** Dec 05 - Lou Forbes Metropolitan Band, Harris County War Chest Sign, Humble Oil Employees War Chest Volunteers




Soda Fountains and Drug Stores



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